Pennsylvania Gazette: Our Father, by Joseph DiStefano

Thanks to Joseph DiStefano for this terrific article, see excerpt below...



I have kept up with a few of my Penn professors—two lasted long enough to teach one of my sons—and met more in my work as a journalist. But 30 years after we marched behind banners and bagpipes to the old Convention Center to grab our diplomas, one of my most memorable Penn instructors remains a priest, Father Tom Hagan. He taught no listed class, but worked part-time at the Newman Center, preached a remarkable Mass every week in the wee hours after Saturday Night Live, and encouraged us students to set up a community outreach program to run weekly visits to Philadelphia prisons, schools, soup kitchens, and old folks’ homes—not with any illusion of ending poverty and injustice, but to help us see a broader vision of America, and make it personal, listening to the people in the city around us, in hopes we would find ways in the careers and homes we would build to honor and labor for a better world.

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