Hands Together Responds to Hurricane Matthew

HT has stabilized our headquarters in Port-au-Prince where our schools suffered flooding damage and weakened and collapsed walls that will need repair. Now we have turned our attention to provide critical care to one of the hardest hit areas of Jeremie where roofs were ripped off buildings and people are in desperate need of shelter, food, and water. Many of our students have families in Jeremie and their relatives are displaced, missing, or injured.

Fr. Tom arrived in Jeremie on Tuesday and is staying with the Missionary Sisters of Charity and will be providing food, water, and building supplies to help those displaced by the storm. Friday and Saturday - Oct 14 & 15 Fr. Tom & Doug led a caravan of building supplies and food into Jeremie.

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             View of the streets of Jeremie in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

             View of the streets of Jeremie in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew



We've received so many calls and emails from concerned donors who would like to help.  To donate online please use the green button and be sure to designate your donation for Hurricane Relief or you can mail your donation to our office. Thank you so much for your support.




      "Because, Doug, they have nobody else - these are the  ones our Lord was talking about...we have no choice." Fr.  Tom Hagan responding to Doug Campbell's question after many killings and theft,  about why don't we help somewhere else. 

Hands Together has been working alongside the very poor for over 25 years, providing hope and strength to the most destitute and violent areas of Haiti.

 Our work is founded upon the Catholic teaching that recognizes the dignity of every human life and a fundamental responsibility to the poor and vulnerable.

Hands Together feeds 25,000 people each month through our schools and elderly programs.

Hands Together feeds 25,000 people each month through our schools and elderly programs.

All of our outreach programs are Haitian-run, with generous financial and material support coming from very special people, parishes and groups.


Archbishop Eugene M. Nugent, Apostolic Nuncio in Haiti writes: 

"This is to state that I, Archbishop Eugene M. Nugent, Apostolic Nuncio in Haiti, do hereby recommend the work being carried out by Rev.  Fr. Tom Hagan O.S.F.S, Mr. Doug Campbell, Executive Director and co-Founder as well as their associates who form Hands Together, a Catholic Missions charity in Haiti which is active in the poorest and most deprived areas of Port au Prince, Cap Haitien and Gonaives Dioceses.

I have been able to appreciate at first hand the wonderful work being done by Fr. Hagan and his team in very difficult circumstances and often in situations where their own lives are in danger. I can also vouch for the transparent way in which funds have been used so as to benefit the maximum number of people and in a way that addresses their real needs."

To read the Archbishop's letter in its entirety, please click here


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Hope you enjoy this video, beautifully produced by Eric Porter and set to music by HT's own Jimmy Belabre, of the visit of Assumption College women's soccer team to HT for our special Christmas celebration and the inauguration of the new soccer field.

Here is a short video thanking the Jones Day Foundation for funding the amazing artificial turf soccer field that we just opened - with scenes from the December 2015 inauguration:


Here is a video summary of our 2015 work: