A film showing the recent work of Hands Together. Produced by the good folks at Holy Family Parish in S. Pasadena and features the soundtrack from the magnificen, "Symphony of Hope".

A short, 3 minute clip describing the work of Hands Together and Fr. Tom Hagan.

Fr. Tom concludes his June 3rd, 2012 mission talk with a few words about being Catholic, that it is a way of life and that we should be proud to belong to a church that is doing so much for the poor.

Fr. Tom talks about the responsibilities we have as Catholics to care for this world and give back.

The second part of Fr. Tom's mission talk at St. Micheal's parish in Hudson, MA on June 3rd.  He talks about the difficulties of life in Haiti and the struggles of being a missionary in that tough land.

Part 1 - A little bit of Heaven - video courtesy of the Pontifical Mission Societies, Boston, MA

September - 2011. A short video showing the work done from the CCFP (Catholic Center for Agriculture and Environment), the outreach to 300 local farmers through PRODIB, and the progress of the Clark Farm; a project designed to help farmers maximize cash returns for crops and a program to train young people in Agricultural vocations.

Using video footage from Chris Leslie ( who filmed in August of 2010 during a visit with Magnus McFarlane-Barrow of Mary's Meals. This video shows our post earthquake feeding efforts for both our students and the Elderly flowing from our Becky DeWine School in Cite Soleil.

"Rising from the Ashes" is a 10 minute video produced with the help of Karl Holtsnider and Ken Buckowski from S. Pasadena California. It details the devastation from the earthquake to HT projects and the rapid response and rebuilding accomplished in the short time since the January 12th disaster.

Should you wish a DVD copy to be sent to you, please use the "Contact Us" button on the main page and send us a request.

Hands Together works clear away rubble at our Delmas Volunteer Center. Workers removing rubble and repairing our St. Ann School in Cite Soleil.

Hands Together works to open schools, clinics and nutrition centers in often forgotten, poor, rural regions of Haiti. They build wells so that villages will have clean water for drinking and irrigation of crops. They also educate young villagers about proper irrigation, maximizing yield, and selling crops for the benefit of their families and villages.

This video highlights the projects being done in rural villages of Brunette, Ti De Dunnes, Bassen, and others.

This is an excerpt from the video "Hands Together Mission Haiti" directed by Karl Holtsnider and created by members and friends of Holy Family Parish in South Pasadena - the entire project was donated at no cost to Hands Together. Please contact us if you would like a DVD copy of this video.