Project List

Becky DeWine School
HT's main vehicle for Catholic mission-out reach to the people in Cite Soleil slum since 1998: now 12,000 students between 11 campuses in 6 neighborhoods, feeding, elderly care, employment, summer programs, adult education.

CCFP - Catholic Center for Agriculture and the Environment
A center dedicated to the Catholic principles of loving and caring for God's creation. Promotes reforestation, composting and recycling and sponsors many projects aimed at restoring the dignity of agriculture and farming and a noble vocation.

Charity Intervention Grants
Emergency intervention through small grants to people facing crises.

Clarke Family Farm and Agricultural Training Center
A 200 acre agricultural project near Gonaives to help foster agricultural development and production among the very poor in the rural villages of Haiti. Provides vocational training for agronomy students and programs for rural farmers.

Employment and Small Business Promotion
HT's schools and projects operate under a Haitian staff of about 350. In addition, HT has funded small business initiatives such as bakeries, local radio stations, computer cafes, auto-repair, building/contracting, and small market stands.

Gonaives Diocese Education
Diocese of Gonaives runs 65 Catholic schools and employs 959 teachers. HT support helps supplement teacher salaries and provides benches and school desks.


Gonaives Rural Schools
HT funds 7 Catholic schools located in poor villages within the diocese - providing 3,000 students with materials, nutrition, and work for 96 teachers.

Mobile Clinic & Health Care
Specially designed 4-room unit to reach those with little or no access to quality health care. 

Nutrition & Feeding
Feed 25,000 people each month through daily school meals, elderly food kits, emergency food distributions and pre-school malnutrition programs.

Domestic Support
From the very beginning of Hands Together we have held to the tradition in our mission to support domestic projects that help to build a more compassionate world. We’ve supported projects in Easton, PA and Springfield, MA, among others and will continue to do so for projects that align closely with our values and mission.    


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Becky DeWine School graduation 2013

Clarke Farm February 2014

Small business briquette making

Staff at our mobile medical clinic

Elderly feeding

Making the briquettes from recycled trash