Hands Together is purposeful about training and empowering the Haitian people so that they can work in our programs and provide for their families Hands Together's outreach programs provide employment for hundreds of people in Port-au-Prince and Gonaives. Periodically, U.S. volunteers who are skilled professionals contribute training and guidance for educational, medical and sustainable development projects on a limited basis.

The areas in which skilled volunteers are most needed at this time are:

  • doctors/nurses/medical professionals - are in urgent need!
  • engineers
  • auto mechanics
  • education
  • carpentry/masonry

If you have these skills and would like to volunteer please send an email with your qualifications and specific information to and someone from our US Office will get back to you.

Please Note - While we appreciate those who have a desire to visit our HQ and offer their help, we can only accept those with the specific skills listed above. We do not have the accommodations to host frequent visitors as the environment in Port-au-Prince is - in all truth - dangerous and harsh. if you are visiting Haiti, and you have an interest in seeing our HQ and programs please contact our Haitian Office directly:

Hands Together Haiti Office
Delmas 31, Rue Marien #4bis
P-au-P, Haiti, WI

Fr. Tom Hagan in Haiti: