Nutrition & Feeding

Through daily school meals, elderly food kits, emergency food distributions and pre-school malnutrition programs, we are helping 25,000 people each month combat the problems of malnutrition and hunger.

School Feeding

We spend approximately 37 cents per child to provide a daily meal at all our schools and this nutrition is a key element to good attendance and better learning. In addition to the school meals at our 14 campuses, we provide meals for other schools that cannot afford to offer a daily canteen. In 2011, we started giving bread and juice breakfasts to the students in the Becky DeWine School

Elderly Feeding & Earthquake Recovery Food Distributions

With donations from Mary's Meals and food kits from BND, we distributed more than 10,000 food kits of rice, beans, oil and salmon after the January earthquake. Student and elderly daily meals began in late February and continued throughout the year. We feed 1,200 elderly and 9,700 students per day.

"The elderly really suffer - they get pushed aside when large aid groups give out food. They just aren't strong enough to wait in huge lines of people and sometimes if they do receive a package it is often stolen from them. So from January - June we gave them a daily meal and every two weeks sent them home with a care package of rice, beans, oil and salmon. Seeing their faces as they leave with their food kits is one of the indescribable gifts God provides to help us carry on." - Doug Campbell

Major Goals & Needs

  • Enlist volunteer help to better manage the preparation and distribution and to reduce theft;
  • Improve existing kitchens and add propane to rural schools still using charcoal;
  • Grow legumes and other food at our agricultural projects to include with the rice and beans.