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 A briquette being created in the hand press. Briquettes are cheaper than propane, reduce deforestation and they clean up the environment by recycling waste.  All of the school feeding in the 9 schools HT runs in Gonaives are prepared using briquette fuel.
 Ongoing hand manufacturing of the special stoves used to burn the briquettes that we make from garbage and landscape waste.
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 The main kitchen that prepares 5,000 meals per day for elderly, students, barefoot kids, and staff.
 Elderly gather in our auditorium at the St. Francis de Sales High School for the annual Christmas party.
Becky DeWine St Francis de Sales High School Library
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2014-01-08 09.50.21.jpg
 St. Ann Middle School Campus - soccer field being prepared for an artificial  turf in 2014.
 The soccer field at the St. Ann campus. Thanks to  generous grant from the Jones Day Foundation we will install an artificial playing surface to serve all 8 campuses.
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 Construction of HT's new nutrition center and primary school in the Ti Kouleve slum of Gonaives.
 A view from the roof of the nutrition center in the Ti Kouleve slum of Gonaives.
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