Apostolic Delegate Tours Becky DeWine Schools & Attends Celebration of Boston Clinic Opening

"Each one of you is loved by God"
Archbishop Eugene Martin, the Apostolic Delegate to Haiti representing Pope Francis, spent the day on March 9 visiting Hands Together's Becky DeWine School campuses and medical clinic in Cite Soleil. 
Our St. Francis de Sales student body welcomed the Archbishop with a vibrant assembly that included student performances, questions, and the presentation of a painting of Pope Francis. Responding to one student's question, "What is the mission of the Church?", Archbishop Martin shared the following, "The mission of the church is to bring the good news and word of God to all people. It is to bring the Love of Jesus to people far and wide. Everyone one of us participates in this mission in a unique and special way. Each one of you is loved by God and called to share this love with all those you encounter."

Archbishop Martin went on to tour the new computer center which gives our high school students access to 85 new laptops and a virtual library of 350,000 volumes. Then it was onto the state of the art soccer field which is such a blessing to all the children at our schools. Archbishop Martin got to see our students in action on the new artificial turf field.

Our 12 health agents, who have been trained as paramedics thanks to the efforts of HT's Dr. Jim DellaValle, prepared a celebration to mark the opening of the clinic in Boston that had been closed for 2 years due to violence and instability. As Archbishop Eugene Martin stepped from the car, the people froze. They were mesmerized and speechless at the site of this tall, Irish clergyman in full dress, representing Pope Francis as he walked up to them and declared, "I come on behalf of Pope Francis, who would want to be nowhere else but here with you today." The crowd cheered and applauded as Archbishop Martin blessed all the rooms of our newly renovated medical clinic.