Launching the Hands Together/Archdiocese of PAP Music School

In mid-April we broke ground on the construction of the HT/PAP Archdiocese  Monseigneur Charles Benoit Music School.

In mid-April we broke ground on the construction of the HT/PAP Archdiocese  Monseigneur Charles Benoit Music School.

"There are very few programs and even fewer schools dedicated to teaching and performing music. It's really hard to believe in a country so filled with artistic ability. Our dream is to build a school dedicated just to music, and develop the God-given talents of our students and the students in the Port-Au-Prince Archdiocesan schools. This school will provide the training and organizing of select students who demonstrate the talent and willingness to learn and perform music. Students from the Becky DeWine School and the dozens of diocesan middle and high schools shall be eligible for these programs. In the not too distant future we look forward to inviting musicians from the U.S. to come and mentor and perhaps even perform a school concert with our students!" says Doug Campbell, executive director of Hands Together.

Music school basic  design

Music school basic  design

Fr. Brillere Aupont, Port-au-Prince's Diocesan School Director, brought the idea of the Msgr. Benoit Music School to Fr. Tom and Doug Campbell in late October, explaining that the diocese secured the land and found teachers for the school but lacked the funding and sponsorship to make it happen. We offered to fund the project and join hands with the Archdiocese to bring music into the lives of our students.

music school foundation

music school foundation

"Music is a gift from God," says Fr. Tom. "It can do so much to heal divisions, to reduce conflict, to teach harmony and cooperation with one another. These are the greatest challenges that face our students and their families and we believe that music can be a great tool for combating jealousy, poor self esteem and discouragement. Music is hope."

Building the School

The school is located next to the St. Yves Parish on Delmas 5. The building contains 6 classrooms, offices, performance auditorium and large gathering spaces.

  • Basic Constructions Cost:   $127,000
  • Wiring/lighting/electric/generator:   $57,999
  • Plumbing:   $9800

Operating the School

Thanks to the hard work from Hayward Rigano, (an HT volunteer who visited Haiti with a delegation from Holy Family Parish in S. Pasadena), we've started collecting many of the musical instruments needed to equip the students. Here is a list of needed instruments:

classroom layout of the school

classroom layout of the school

  1. Violins: 150 various sizes, 150 Viola Alto various sizes

  2. Cellos: 90 (various sizes)

  3. Contrebasses : 22

  4. Guitars 90 (various sizes)

  5. Harpe - 8

  6. Piccolo - 20

  7. Clarinette - 35

  8. Flute - 35

  9. Basoon - 25

  10. Haute Bois - 25

  11. Trumpet - 35

  12. Trombone - 30

  13. Saxophone 30 tenor, 30 alto, 30 soprano

  14. Tuba - 25

  15. Marimba - 4

  16. Xylophone - 6

  17. Bass drum - 10

  18. Snare drum - 4

  19. Timpani - 7

  20. Cymbals - 6

  21. Bariton - 15

  22. Elicon - 12

  23. Piano - electric, baby grand, uprights - 15

top view of music school

top view of music school

Staffing - a complete faculty would include over 40 teachers. We realize this may take some time to build, but we identified all the needed staff and appropriate wages. Monthly cost for full staffing, $30,000 x 8 months $240,000.