Hands Together 2013 Annual Review Booklet Is Available

Our 2013 Annual Report is now available in PDF format. Click here to download.

The Hands Together 2013 Annual Report provides the most current information on our work in Haiti. It's a great summary of the work that began 28 years ago and a testimony to the sacrifice, commitment, and vision of Fr. Tom Hagan, Hands Together Founder and President. We hope that by sharing a little of our story with you will strengthen the bond between the many struggling people of Haiti and all of you who have done so through your prayers and support. Most of all we wish to leave you with an honest, accurate, glimpse at the harsh reality of work with the poor.

Table of Contents:

A note from Fr. Tom -pg 3

About Hands Together-pg 4

The Becky DeWine School - pg 5

Keeping it all running -P-au-P - pg 9

The Reality of Cite Soleil - pg 10

Other P-au-P outreach programs - pg 12

Outreach beyond P-au-P, HTG Projects- pg 16

Keeping it all running-HTG - pg 22

Donor Support - pg 23

Catholic Mission Appeal Support - pg 24

Financial Summary - pg 25

Trustees - pg 28

Top Ten Needs - pg 29