Creating jobs and renewable energy through garbage

Fuel briquettes from garbage -An alternative to charcoal from trees - Below is a summary of our new development project that reduces the harvesting of trees for charcoal and promotes small business.

Project Summary

Duration: April 2012 – May 2015

Coordinator: George Beliard, Development Staff in Gonaives office


Provide 40 people with the training, materials and assistance to create briquettes from garbage and waste, and decrease the use of charcoal in the areas of Gonaives. The project will involve students from local schools and will create commerce and markets for these alternative fuel briquettes and the special stoves that are easily fabricated by locals.

10 cells of 4 people will use special pressing machines and cook stoves, create teams to gather useable garbage and plant waste, and introduce the cooking fuel and stoves into their local markets and communities. HT will explore purchasing fuel and stoves for use in school kitchens where we serve a daily meal.

Major Parts:      

  • Manufacture of briquettes for cooking
  • Manufacture of briquettes press & the improved stove
  • Production and planting of seedlings
  • Initiation-school students to technical of manufacturing briquettes-
  • Strengthening the managerial and organizational capacity of local associations (actors / beneficiaries)
  • Technical Training for actors / beneficiaries for all technical fields above cited


  • Create a 10 cell production and marketing team each year for a 3 year period.  Each cell composed of 4 young people (2 boys and 2 girls).
  • Income from the sale of briquettes will be divided between the four (4) cell members. The project provides a capital fund for the purchase of the initial materials etc..
  • Introduce the project to five (5) sections of Gonaives. In year 1, 500 beneficiaries will be affected in two (2) sections, 500 others will be integrated into other 2 sections to the second year and the third year 500 beneficiaries will be added.
  • Establish a work shop to produce improved stoves, and the stoves will be sold on a promotional price to encourage people using briquettes as cooking energy.
  • Each cell will establish nursery production of seedlings. 
  • 20000 plants will be produce every year
  • Training sessions will be organized for beneficiaries at our CCFP center in Bassen.

Budget info:

  • Materials - $18,320
  • Initial seed money in fund - $5,000
  • Training costs - $7,750
  • Seedlings - $2,500
  • Promotion - $1,000

  • Administrative - $4,150

  • Operators, Stove creators - $29,000

  • Total Year one - $70,020

Progress & Information

April, 2012 – Conducted dozens of meetings with the primary groups in Bassen and the Ti desdunes area. We established the cells and covered the structure and introduction info for the project.  These ongoing formation sessions went through June.

  • We trained participants in the technical aspects of briquette fabrication, and entrepreneurial management of the project;
  • Now, there is a group that knows the process for collecting materials to make the briquettes and how to make them.  You can see from the photos that participants have a good feel for how to manage this enterprise.
  • We conducted successful trial runs of burning the briquettes in the special stoves designed for this.

July – August , 20102 -  the cells (groups of 4 young people) from Bassen and Ti Desdunnes, started production of the briquettes, and began marketing them in the area.