Rebuilding Efforts

Our recovery plan is based on a “humility of action” philosophy that emphasizes a realistic acknowledgment of our size, strengths and weaknesses. It means that we are not controlled by the situation or the huge amounts of aid and volunteer labor entering Haiti; rather, we proceed with humility, directing our help to the “HT universe” in an efficient, direct and meaningful way.

Thanks to tremendous support from our friends, we’ve built a healthy recovery fund. Collaboration with partners such as Mary’s Meals in Scotland, Holy Family parish, and donations from many schools, parishes and foundations help us cope with the huge task facing us. We need to rebuild our schools and HQ so that they can withstand future disasters. Recovery will take years and every gift we’ve received will contribute to the painstaking rebuilding of our schools and programs.

We cannot house short term volunteers at this time, but hopefully by September of 2010, we can create a volunteer community to mentor our Haitian staff and assist with our daily operations (go here for more info on our volunteer community).  Meanwhile, there is so much we must do and we are trying to keep the work in the hands of the people most damaged. We will channel resources and expertise, but not deny Haitian residents the chance to earn income and rebuild their own homes and neighborhoods. We will use local residents and workers in all our projects. We will seek out special skill sets – i.e., engineers, medical people, mechanics, water well drilling technicians, solar engineers, and others to help train our native staff teams.

We established an efficient shipping and storage mechanism without expanding our size or depending too heavily upon imported goods and supplies.

Our rebuilding plan will focus on emergency charity grants – work projects, school rebuilding and repair, temporary ongoing outreach activities, housing and work projects, and office and headquarter rebuilding.