Christmas 2010 Prayer

Dear God help us rejoice in the miracle of the incarnation and grant us the grace to recognize you everywhere we go. You are there in the angry people outside our gate. You are there in our school kitchens preparing the daily meals for our school children and elderly. You are there in quiet morning hours in our simple chapel. You are there in the notes and gifts and encouragement of our friends and supporters. You are always with us and we so often look right past you. You are crying and groaning and suffering all around us and you love us. Let your divine  light fill us and help us as we struggle to see your face and hear your voice and speak your words. Dear God, continue to give us the grace to truly believe that you became us and will be with us always. Please help us do your will.

All of us at Hands Together wish you a very blessed and holy Christmas and we humbly thank you for all that you do to help us.